Airair jordan 15

This was the first Jordan shoe after Jordan pensionable. Jordan shoes for sale online. Many wondered even if Jordan Brand would continue to release shoes despite Jordan absence from the NBA. The shoes did not sell too well to put it without sounding rude, even, Many doubt that the Air Jordan 15 being on Jordan feet would have made much of a difference.

The Air Jordan 15 was the most polarizing Air Jordan release in maybe the history of the brand. If you're the hunt for some of rare models of the Air Jordan 15, visit the links below.

The design of the Air Jordan 15 descends from the futuristic X 15 fighter jet developed by NASA during the 1950 The tongue of the shoe stuck out parallel to the ground. Many wondered if this was to resemble Jordan famous facial expression while soaring while using air.

The Air Jordan 15 also had a red stripe that went up the back of the shoe and bottom of the heel. This stripe caused many to ponder if the desire for this feature of the Air Jordan 15 came from the signature stripe on Prada shoes. it is also easily argued that this model did not compare to his first work, the oxygen Jordan 3.

Jordan Slip on release of the Air Jordan 15 was not welcomed and neither were the slip on moccasins. this was the first failed attempt that Jordan released a moc. unfortunately, They didn learn their lesson and pursued a second time with the Air Jordan 17.

The Air Jordan 15 will be making its long awaited return in 2007 whereas in the 2008. Check out Air Jordan Release Dates options. particulars on Air Jordan 15, Air thejordan XV.

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